Soft Vinyl Custom Key Tags 5155

Color: opaque-white
Size: 125 Keytags
Style: One Side Imprint
Sale price$102.18


  • Done your way, as simple as one two three.

    • Pick a shape (this shape is #5155 size is 2.5” x 1.175”)
    • Pick a material Color (Translucent Vinyl too)
    • Choose your product quantity

     22 stock shapes & full custom options too

  • Available in 11 vinyl colors both translucent and opaque.
  • Comes with 1" ring
  • 125 250 500 1000
    one side imprint $0.78 $0.67 $0.62 $0.57
    two side imprint $0.89 $0.74 $0.68 $0.63


Subject to 5% over run. 

After you pick out your shape, and your material and quantity, You'll be sent to a window that allows you to pick out imprint color and style. As well as having an upload function for you to send your logo and font pictures or PDF files to us. ( This feature is not available yet. send files to

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